What to expect

As we shift online with events, behind the scenes, everything is running on a range of technologies that all need to be kept ticking over. So operations volunteers will help keep the event running and our servers ticking over.

During WordFest Live

Modes of Communication

The Operations team are responsible for ensuring the infrastructure that WordFest Live is delivered remains stable and accessible for all attendees.

During your allocated time we ask that you be available for all technical support enquiries. You will be added to a private Slack channel, where incoming support tickets from attendees will be delivered.

Your SSH access will have been set up and tested prior to the live event. You will also have access to monitor the events servers for stability.

Attendee Access

WordFest Live is a password-less application. Attendees are required to enter an email to access a tokenised one-time login link. As such we have a mechanism to generate login links for attendees via the WP-CLI, should support be needed for access.

The WP-CLI command you will need to generate a one-time link:

wp magic-login create name@example.com

Please be aware that if you are supporting an attendee directly in the Big Orange Heart Slack and you need to send them their login link, wrap the produced URL in a code block using the three ``` ticks. Pasting the link directly into Slack and sharing it will cause the link to fail and return the following error:

Screenshot 2022-02-25 at 17.11.51.png

Incoming Support Requests

On the events platforms, a publicly available form can be found on https://my.wordfest.live/help-desk. The submitted form will generate a notification in the private #wordfest-ops Slack channel. If you respond to a request in the channel, please ensure you give the item a green tick (:white_check_mark:) when completed.