What to expect

The public chat is a great way to communicate and interact between attendees, speakers, sponsors, organizers and other stakeholders of the event. However, this chat requires attention and moderation from unwanted and advertisement content. As attendees praise and thank the speaker for their delivery there are comments and feedback that can help motivate everyone. Additionally, the Live Q/A session is influenced by the questions that are submitted using the Live Chat. Our Chat Moderators will be responsible to collect the questions including the noteworthy comments to be passed on to the A/V production team to be displayed on the Live broadcast so that the Emcees can recognize them and eventually be answered by the speakers. Great attention to detail is required for this role and you can also expect to learn a lot throughout this experience.

Leading up to WordFest Live

In the lead up to WordFest Live, there will be a number of tasks that we'll ask to complete, nothing too taxing.

During WordFest Live

Modes of Communication

The Chat Moderator role requires you to be logged into the events platforms https://my.wordfest.live. Once logged in, please inform the team lead and they will assign you a Moderatorrole. This will allow you additional controls over the Live Chat.

To access your moderator options, click on a user name. From here you will see the option to delete messages and block the user.

chat mods.gif

A key role you play is in encouraging attendees to interact and engage in the Live Chat. Encouraging attendees to ask questions for the Live Q&A at the end of each session is important.

Live Q&A - Questions

During the live event, you will have editor access to a Google Sheet. We ask that as you encourage attendees to ask questions, you then copy the name and question into the relevant place on the Google Sheet. This will allow the Emcees and AV Producers to ask the questions live and display the information on the screen.

Moderation of users

If a user is acting in a way that is deemed to be inappropriate - spam messages, abusive language, inappropriate link sharing - then we ask you to take appropriate action. Our Code of Conduct will help guide you in the decision-making process. If you are unsure on what action is required, please contact your team lead.