What to expect

To ensure the visuals and sound are as high quality as possible for the attendees, we need volunteers that will manage each live “show”. The role includes adding and removing Emcee and speakers, enabling any slides to appear and playing videos. This is a ‘behind-the-scenes’ role and as such will not require you to be on camera.

Experience with Streamyard, Restream, OBS or other live streaming services and simple video editing is a real bonus.

The A/V Producers will need to be confident in making quick decisions through a live event. We will be using Discord as a talkback system to communicate, so you will need to be wearing headphones throughout and the preference is you are hard-wired, not wifi as connectivity is critical for continuity.

Leading up to WordFest Live

In the lead up to WordFest Live, there will be a number of tasks that we'll ask to complete, nothing too taxing. There will be a checklist and supporting materials provided to all the volunteers as per their role(s).

During WordFest Live

Modes of Communication

The event Schedule covers two tracks - Stage One and Stage Two - over a 24-hour period. All Sessions are streamed live via Restream. Sessions can include both live speakers and pre-recorded content.

The AV Producer role will require you to be within one of the pre-configured Restream links. You will have been invited prior to the event to join this link. An additional Restream will have been configured as our Green Room. All speakers will first visit this Green Room and from there be provided with their relevant Restream link.

Access to Restream

You will be invited to join our BOH Team within Restream via email. This will provide you with Co-Host functionality. When you receive the email invite, follow the instructions to set up a Restream account if you do not have one, alternatively log in to an existing account.

Once logged in be sure to change from your Personal account to the BOH Team in the top-right corner of the Restream Dashboard.