What to expect

As an Emcee, you’ll be spending time on screen through the event, introducing sessions, running Q&A sessions and generally having fun with the team. You’ll need to be confident you can fill a void if we have the odd technical issue.

Leading up to WordFest Live

In the lead up to WordFest Live, there will be a number of tasks that we'll ask to complete, nothing too taxing.

During WordFest Live

Modes of Communication

The Emcee role is entirely camera facing - you will be the face of WordFest Live whilst on camera. Your role will include the introduction of each speaker, a live Q&A with them, and possibly the need to fill time if technical issues arise or speakers are not where we need them on time.

As a guide each one-hour session will break down as follows:

Activity Length (minutes) On Stage
Session intro 2 Emcees
Sponsors ads 3 Ad
Session video 30 Video
Sponsors ads 3 Ad
Live Q&A 10 Emcees, Speaker(s)
Session outro 2 Emcees
Break/Holding Slide 10 Holding Slides

Sessions with two Community Interviews or Lightning Sessions will differ slightly. The Live Q&A will feature the speaker from the session live, regardless of how their session video was delivered. For Lightning Sessions, both speakers will join you at the same time live.

Live Q&A - Questions

During the live event, the Chat Moderators will keep a Google Sheet updated with questions from the Live Chat. They will paste the name and question for your to ask the speaker, the AV Producers display the information on the screen.


You will be provided access to a Google Doc which will contain content you’ll need to share through each session. This will include items such as sponsor’s activities, who to thank, any updates to sessions, etc. Treat this document as a live doc, it will be regularly updated by the Communications Team for you.